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Product Name: The Ultimate Bowling Guide


Click here to get The Ultimate Bowling Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Ultimate Bowling Guide is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


The good news is, there are a few simple
“tweaks” any bowler can use to instantly tack on
20, 30, even 50 or more points a game. And it
doesn’t take that much effort.

There are five “dirty little secrets”
among professional bowlers… secrets that no
amateur ever learns on their own… and
the pro’s like it that way.

These five “dirty little secrets” are
extremely simple to master (once they are
revealed to you)… and yet they INSTANTLY
allow you (no matter how butt ugly you think
your game is right now) to “lock into” your own
personal “Perfect Shot”.
Which means on your very next game, you will:

How can this be? How
can you not transform your game… and
suddenly — and I do mean SUDDENLY —
start playing like the top pro’s at their

Actually, it’s very simple. Much more
simple than you could ever imagine.

You see… you ALREADY have the goods
when it comes to bowling the best game you’re
capable of… just not WHEN IT COUNTS.

You heard right. You’re “blowing your wad” on
your PRACTICE THROWS, if you’re like 99%
of the amateur bowlers in the world. And you’re
leaving your best game behind. And
going out on the lanes with the WORST
game you have.

If you’re like most bowlers, you like
to warm up with a few frames before you start a
game, right? At the very least, you get to the
lanes every once in a while to “practice”.
Everyone who takes their game seriously does
this. I know I do.

The professionals spend a little time
practicing, too. Throwing ball after ball.

But the pro’s do something DIFFERENT
than you do. Unlike you (and every other amateur
in the world)…

Pro Knows How To “Capture” His Best Shot
During The Warm-Up… And Bring It With Him
To The Game!

Amateurs, on the other hand, LEAVE
their best shot behind. Let me explain: There
you are on your lane, warming up and testing the
lane conditions, launching a fairly-decent hook,
getting a strike here and there, maybe missing
an occasional spare, setting up again and
correcting your lift, launching another pretty
damn good shot…

Wait a second. Stop right there. The
difference between you and a top professional
just went right by you. While
you threw a strike, admired it, and then
set up your next shot, the professional
used his five “dirty little secrets”… and…

That Breathtaking Shot
Into His Body, Where He Could Bring It Back
At Will,
In The Game Where It Would Count The Most!

That’s what separates the professionals from the

You, however, blow right past the few
perfect shots you throw practicing, not storing them
at all, and thus you can’t find them when it
counts. Those great shots you launch on the practice
lane are lost forever. Even more
depressing… there’s a 90% chance the shots
you do throw in the game will be among your
WORST! Because, you’ve done
EVERYTHING WRONG at the warm-up.

And what’s really frustrating is you don’t even
know you’re doing it… because these five
little secrets are NEVER discovered by
amateurs! They’re the secrets that separate
the guys who can make a living off the game, and
everyone else who can’t buy a break.

And… just like most things that are so
simple they get completely overlooked…
no one has really understood how these secrets
work before. Not the professionals. Not the teachers
of the game. Nobody.

Until now. You know, every time I go to bowl a
game, I bless John Jowdy. Because he alone
has studied the game scientifically…
actually coached the professionals for years
and years (Parker Bohn calls him one of the best
coaches the PBA Tour has ever known)… and is
ALONE among professionals in his willingness
to see the game the way the amateur needs to
see it. John reveals the secrets the other
professionals refuse to admit are even there.

These five “dirty little secrets” of the
professionals will change your game forever…

And Do It
Literally Overnight!

If I could just explain it all to you, I would
right here. But you have to TRY these five
secrets for yourself to “get” them. You have to make
them a part of yourself… an extension of your
game. You need to OWN them. So we put
together a comprehensive guide explaining everything
— literally everything — you need to know.
(I convinced my partners here to sink a few bucks
into the guide — even though we’ll never
make our money back, because there are just too few
guys like you savvy enough to understand how
important this stuff really is!)

What about the simple adjustments I mentioned?

That’s how you’ll cold-cock the competition every
time. Even on a “bad” day. Especially on a
bad day. Here’s what I mean:

The key to playing like a pro is pinpointing
opportunities… and EXPLOITING them…
before your opponents take you down like a wounded

Let’s face it. You are going to have games where
you’re not playing your best. For whatever reason,
your regular game plan won’t be working for you.
This is where these slight adjustments–your
backup plan–kicks in.

It’s the difference between the winner and
runner-up. (On a bad day, it’s also the
difference between bowling respectably and coming in
dead last.)

Tiger Woods is certainly one of the best pro
golfers. But even he has his ups and downs. That’s
why after one of his many victories he said, “I
didn’t have my ‘A’ game today.”

In baseball, when Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and
Roger Clemens win, they often say things like “I
didn’t have my best stuff today, so I just tried to
rely on good location.” That’s when you know they
relied on their backup plan, their “B” game.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan averaged more
than 30 points a game for his career. But when he
wasn’t pounding out 35 to 50 points a game, he
defended his man, blocked shots, stole the ball, set
picks, made assists, whatever it took to win…
with his “B” game.

Highest Compliment In Sports
You Can Get Is When Other People
Talk About You As “Being Able To Do It All”!

It’s no different with Bowling.

So these adjustments are designed to get you rock
solid on your backup plan…your “B” game. Because
sooner or later you’re going to rely on it. And it’s
usually when you least expect it.

Get ready
to shock the status quo when you learn…

the ball is great, but one thing you
don’t want to forget is still
converting your spares. Making
spares is still the most important
key to success in most competitive

And remember…those techniques are for your “B” game. They’ll dial-up your “A’ game too, but the real “meat” is the five insider secrets that amateurs don’t know.
And that’s the way the pro’s like it.


* How a dry lane can make a plastic ball look like the latest ball of the month.

* Ball Mechanics: How it skids, hooks, then ideally rolls (end over end), just as it enters the pocket.

* How poor ball placement can affect your balance and timing.

* A slight grip change that will magically jumpstart your hooks and boomers.

Just Fill out this short easy form for FREE Instant access

Yes, I want access to the Ultimate Bowling FREE Email Course…
(Your information will be kept private)

Your privacy is guaranteed.

The first of these five secrets is how you
calibrate your shots for lane conditions. I’ll
show you exactly FOUR shots that
you’ll take one right after the other. Those shots
will locate your proper breakpoint, and lock in your
game to match the conditions of the lane.

Once you’ve “zeroed” your pocket shot, you’ll use
the other four secrets to commit your best shots to
muscle memory–and to burn four “triggers” to your
mind–so you’ll be able to throw strike after
strike when it counts.

It will take you only an hour or two to learn
this system. And then you will possess these
simple “dirty little secrets” that allow
professionals to “capture”… and store their
best shots–then release them on
demand. And you will be able to do the same
exact thing yourself, the very next time you
hit the lanes. You’ll finally be that “one in ten
thousand” amateur player who gets into the same
“Bagger Zone” the pro’s do.

It really is that simple.

And then, the next time you throw a few shots,
simply pull out the four “triggers” from your
memory. You can do everything you need to do
by throwing just FOUR shots, too. That’s all
you need. And the secrets are “locked in”.
All the things you need — stance, approach,
visualization, finish, all of it… it’s all “locked
in” and on autopilot from then on out.

And your game is changed forever.
Just like that.

The result? Power hooks that never land in
the gutter. Accurate throws that glide down
the lane with head-shaking precision. More
fingers with “eyes for the pins”. Perfect
shots all the time, one after another, without
stress, without second-guessing.

Sounds good, huh? You bet it does. It’s what
bowling is all about.

I’m sorry to be so secretive here, but you
wouldn’t begin to understand what this is all about
without TRYING it for yourself. I would just
screw it up for you trying to explain it all
here. It really is simple…

But It Has To Be

That’s why we had to make sure you tried
these techniques on the lanes yourself after
we’ve revealed the secrets to you in our guide.

Try It 56
Days Risk Free!

You can try it for FREE, of course,
if you like. Our policy here at Yes
Bowling! has always been NO RISK,
with a complete, no-questions-asked,
100% money-back guarantee of your
satisfaction. Take a full 56 days to
try these secrets for yourself. If you are
not happy, for any reason (or for NO reason
at all), you’ll get a prompt, cheerful
refund. And we’ll still be friends.

That’s the only way I ever want to do
business. It’s the way I wish other
companies treated ME. No risk. No
nonsense. No bullshit at all.

Click here to try it risk free!

And, if you’re not satisfied, for any
reason at all, you’ll get a fast refund
of your money. It’s that simple. Like I
said, if the secrets weren’t so
INTERACTIVE with your body’s
feedback, I’d just explain it here in
the letter and be done with it. But I
can’t. You have to TRY it for

Please hurry, though. Once the introductory
copies are sold, the cost will go back up to full
price (which is still a great value). You
won’t see this offer in the magazines, either —
it’s only available on this website until we decide
to close the door forever. (We can’t let everyone
get their hands on it, or it wouldn’t be a
secret anymore!)

You must order right now, while this letter is
still on your screen. Otherwise, you’re gonna forget,
and you’ll NEVER know what these five “dirty
little secrets” of the professionals are that make
their game so automatic. It’s all so
simple, you’ll be amazed.

But it’s also so powerful, you’ll
never bowl the “old way” again. Remember —
you don’t have to overhaul your game… just
“lock into” the part that is already
“perfect”… and learn the five simple secrets of
unleashing it in your game, where it

Simple. Stress-free. Change your game literally

But you gotta order right now.

Click the button below that says, “Click Here to
Order Now!” You’ll be taken to Clickbank, one of the
largest payment processors in the world. As soon as
you complete your order, you’ll be immediately
directed to the download page. It takes less than 5

Dean Shaw
Yes Bowling!

P.S. To sweeten the deal even further, I’m
also going to give you a very special guide when you
order now: “The Ultimate Bowling
Troubleshooting Guide.”

Does your ball hook too much or too little? Are
you clobbering the pocket one minute and way off
target the next? Maybe your approach timing is off,
and you’re flagging the foul line. Relax.
These are common problems that get to everyone
sooner or later. And the solutions are easier than
you think.
The Ultimate Bowling Troubleshooting Guide
will have you toppling your king pin again in no
time flat, and it’s yours FREE when you order today!

P.P.S. Here’s a few comments from people
who already know what these five “dirty little
secrets” are — I thought you’d be interested:

Bowling has improved big time.
Before I read the ultimate bowling guide I had a
avg 139-144. My avg is now 150 and I now have 41
200 games and I bowled 2 200s before christmas.I
bowled 216,209.I even got another 500 the total
is 514 and I was even 97 pins over my avg one
week.I have 29 years in bowling experience and
19 trophies.I have a handicap of 266.My team on
the ladies league is in 1st place.I picture the
headpin who I can’t stand the most that week and
I get strikes,have  bowling tips memorized I use
weekly.I haven’t got a 300 yet.I almost had a
triplicate a couple weeks ago and was only 2
pins off from it.It would’ve been my 1st

Yes.My bowling game improved dramaticly. I
fixed my timing, I fixed my release. I went
from 173 average to 199 average. I got rid
of my hip pain. I adjust to conditions much
faster (within a frame or two), before I
read the book it took me one complete game
or somtiemes even longer or not at all.

I am now the best player in my club. I also
bowled my first perfect game. My average is
still going up. The best thing I ever bought
for bowling is this great book. Thanks again!

Tomaz Erzen

One tip
from the book helped me keep my ball in more
control (keep the ball right side of me
instead of middle of my body at the starting
position). I used to bowl around 90-100. I
bowled over 200 twice last week!

Thanks for your pointers on how to get a 12 lb. light weight bowling ball to hook on the lanes. Since I do have arthritis in my right wrist I am now able to hold on to a 12 lb. bowling ball with control with no problem. Yes, this 12 lb. bowling ball feels like a feather but my wrist can hold that weight and my wrist and arm doesn’t get tired.
Now the problem is how to get a 12 lb. bowling ball to have more track on oily lanes.

Now I sand the surface of my 12 lb. bowling ball with a fine piece of sand paper to a dull surface before I start bowling gives the ball to react with more accuracy and control. The bowling ball looks dusty among the shiny bowling balls on the rack but who cares as long as that bowling ball is doing the job for me.
From low bowling scores that I was always getting like 123, 145, 157 has now picked up in scoring and now I am bowling much higher games like 175, 198, 203, 244.

Now as being a Golden Senior I have got my confidence back into bowling once again. This has changed my life and attitude on bowling making me feel that now that these bowling problems were solved you can let other Golden Seniors know and pass this little information on to them. It works for me and now I feel that with a light weight 12 lb. bowling ball I still can bowl higher scores just by adjusting my arm speed with more swing so that the bowling ball has enough roll and power when it comes into the pocket.

When I am finished bowling my 3 games I do not feel tired at all and that I could bowl another 3 games.

Dean thank you for taking the time and interest in solving my bowling issues and the problems we Golden Seniors are having in our Golden Years.

Thanks Again!
Bob Taylor
Northfield, Ohio

Click here
buy The Ultimate Bowling Guide!

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Dean Shaw


Click here to get The Ultimate Bowling Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Ultimate Bowling Guide is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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