The 15 Best Strengthening Hair Treatments, Hands Down

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Unsurprisingly, the sorts of products we’re using on our hair can make all the difference when it comes to strengthening strands. “Once the hair becomes brittle and the cuticles get damaged, it can’t be fixed,” says Smart. “However, there are things that temporarily strengthen the hair, including products containing protein. This allows an extra layer of protection by binding the cuticle and plugging any gaps to help strengthen. Secondly, you’ve got to infuse the hair with moisture,” she adds.

As for the products themselves, look for deep-conditioning treatments and masks to get as much moisture into lengths as possible. “Using the right products to help keep hair strong is key, with conditioners and treatments being essential. A treatment will penetrate deeper into the hair to help restore lost moisture, repair, and strengthen. A conditioner will help smooth and seal the outer layer of the hair to give it ultimate protection,” advises Hill.

Want to know what worked for me? These are the 15 best strengthening hair treatments I swear by.


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