9 Trends I’m Getting Rid of This Summer (and 9 I’m Keeping)

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In the last year, trends have varied from all things Y2K to oversize and menswear-inspired everything, with literally hundreds more micro-fads in between. And like any fashion-minded consumer, I bought into quite a few of them, filling my very tiny and storage-deficient apartment in the process. Now, though, after months of living among brightly colored crop tops, prairie-collar nap dresses, and much more, I’m finally giving my wardrobe a long-overdue clean-out. 

Officially, I’m dumping—and by dumping, I mean donating or selling—roughly 90% of my trend-filled closet, period. The remaining 10% will be split between timeless, anti-trend pieces and the occasional statement maker, be it a tube top or a pair of baby-pink sandals. Ahead, see what is getting the boot from my wardrobe this season as well as everything I’ve pardoned (during this refresh at least). 


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